Order in your marketing strategy with Marie Condo

The show of Marie Kondo, Netflix's guru of order, is sure to have ended the domestic chaos of many ... but did it occur to you that you can also apply the same principles to your marketing strategies?

Both in our cabinets and in our advertising campaigns, maintaining order is essential to have a clear head and achieve the goals that we have set. And the good thing about the Marie Kondo system is that it is based on general principles, so it's easy to use it to put an order in your marketing. Let's see how we can get it!

How to apply the Marie Kondo method to your marketing in 3 steps

1) Look at the current situation

To apply Marie Kondo's method to your marketing strategy, you must first be aware of everything you have. According to Marie, one of the great problems of the domestic order is that we store things in different places and thus we lose sight of them and we have never been aware of everything we have.

Well, the same applies to put an order in the marketing: you have to know everything that is happening. Sometimes it happens that there are different people (or even departments) working in different channels and nobody has just had a global vision. Therefore, you have to sit down with your team, take a marker and chalkboard and make an inventory of all the actions that have been done so far and the one we are currently working on. Only with this step, you have already succeeded in clarifying what is happening and detecting possible redundancies.

2) Stay with the important

The fundamental pillar of Marie Kondo's method is elimination. It is not just a question of placing better the things we already have, but of remaining only with what really is essential to us.

To apply this principle in the marketing strategy, we have to review the actions we have listed in the previous step one by one. We have to be very honest with ourselves and ask ourselves what it is for, what results it is generating and what expectations we have for the future.

To be really effective in this step, you have to avoid what is known as the "sunken cost fallacy": hold on to something because we have already invested time and resources in it. What matters are the results, and the simpler the final structure of our marketing strategy, the more effort we can devote to the actions that really work?

3) Adopt a new system

Have you managed to put the order in your marketing? !! Congratulations!! It is time to congratulate yourself for a well-done task ... and to ensure that you will not fall back into the clutches of chaos.

Therefore, our last step will be to adopt the principles of simplicity and long-term elimination. Every so often, we will have to sit down to review what we are doing and discard without fear those things that no longer make sense. And that's how you get to do marketing as orderly and effective as a closet where every sock is in place.

An example is that we Cyberclick once a year review all articles of the blog and those of previous years if they have less than 100 visits per year we remove them and redirect with a URL 301 to pages related to more traffic, to Do not lose the gained position, even if it is small. In 2019, we will revise those from 2018 backward. Because you may have articles of 2019 with less than 100 visits, but these are sure to be gaining traction in Google and have not positioned at all.