Facebook launches new design and more options for business

Facebook has held its annual developer conference, the F8, this week. In this edition, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have announced drastic changes that will redesign the platform and give it a new focus: privacy, messaging and groups of friends. How will all these changes affect advertisers? In this article, we tell you all the news.

Facebook is completely redesigned

One of the most important news that Facebook announced at the event was the total redesign of its user interface. The website of the social network will have a new aspect, whiter and with more space between elements. So many things have changed that even the Facebook logo is new. But, undoubtedly, the most groundbreaking aspect of the new design is that stories, events, and groups are much more important, to the detriment of the well-known News Feed.

Mark Zuckerberg's company had previously explained that they wanted to take the weight off the News Feed, their "timeline" of friends' publications, pages, and brands. In recent years we have seen how Facebook has been removing weight from publications as such, first prioritizing videos and then Stories. With the new redesign, the trend is confirmed: the Stories have their own very prominent space above all, while the bar of contacts and groups is bigger than ever. The publications are still but occupy a smaller space. It is very likely that advertisers and brands have to focus their campaigns on Stories, or even through chatbots, available in the contact bar.

The new design of Facebook, known internally as "FB5", is already available on mobile, through its iOS and Android applications, while in the web version it will arrive in the coming months.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp: more options for business

The instant messaging platform Facebook will also receive several changes throughout this year. First, it will be redesigned from scratch, making it faster and lighter. Second, it will reach MacOS and Windows computers. And third, it will incorporate new features, such as the option to watch videos of creators and brands simultaneously with friends.

One of the news that will most interest advertisers is the creation of ad generation templates for leads. Facebook has designed several that will be available in its Ads Manager and that will allow companies to easily know more about their customers and consumers through a questionnaire that they can fill out as a chat in Facebook Messenger. On the other hand, there is also the option to reserve time for the mechanics of cars, stylists or cleaning services directly from a Messenger conversation.

Finally, the other Facebook messaging application, WhatsApp, will allow companies to create a catalog of products so that customers can, from the WhatsApp chat itself, discover what they offer. This functionality is added to the existing WhatsApp Business as commercial profiles or message statistics. Soon, the application will also allow the option to make payments through the app, although at the moment it seems designed for private use.